Add Winter Garden Interest

Winter is coming and for those of us who plant multi-seasonal gardens, the garden show continues with some of our favorites about to take center stage.   If you find yourself in the need of a new blast of color this year, there are some easy ways to do so that won’t break the bank.  

Introduce new shrubs that will add colorful stems to your landscape. One of my favorites is the Yellow Twig Dogwood for its display of the most beautiful shade of gold in winter.

Display colorful containers.  Add additional winter interest in unique and eye-catching containers in garden areas that may look barren during winter.  Also add colorful containers in strategic areas that will enhance your winter landscape views from your home.  

Add Garden Accents.  While one of my favorite garden accents is a nice colorful shrub, think about adding a plant with colorful berries, such as Nandina.  A metal sculpture, such as the penguin we sent to my in-laws in Los Angeles,  can introduce some whimsical fun, while adding a new focal point.



Look Ahead to Fall Day 5

Yellow Twig Dogwood

This week, GardenWise concludes its five favorite  Garden Delights, in no particular order, for Fall 2011.  Yesterday we looked at the strking Aster, heated things up with the Dwarf Burning Bush, and earlier marveled at both the Toad Lily and Pink Muhly Grass.  Today we’re showing off the Yellow Twig Dogwood.

Many know of the Red Twig Dogwood, which is a beautiful shrub I enjoy for the fall.  In fact, I have some on my own property, but my Dogs don’t play alone — they have companions.  They play with the lesser known Yellow Twig Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera,)  which provides a beautiful yellow color, and makes the list of “must have” garden delights for Fall 2011. 

I like the Yellow Twig Dogwood for its bright yellow branch and twig color which are also fantastic for Winter.  This shrub develops in great clumps and is a wonderful contrast against any Red Twig.   Oval-shaped green leaves turn to orange-red in Fall, followed by white fruit tinged with green. The Yellow twig dogwood will tolerate wet soil, and can be grown in full sun or part shade.  Some companion plants for the Yellow Dog is a variegated hosta, or something with a dark green larger textured leaf, such as Helleborus ‘White Lady’, also one of my new favorites. 

I have to mention an additional variety of the Red Twig Dogwood — the Variegated Red Twig (Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima) which has  a very bold  variegated leaf that will add interest to your garden year round.  I have two clumps in the front of my property that makes my front yard with its predominately all white garden flowers is a strong statement that passersby always stop to ask about.