Move OVER, Mum!

Icicle Pansies and Violas are GardenWise! 

You can plant these fantastic, eye-catching Icicle Pansies and cover yourself for the following Spring,  GUARANTEED.  You’ve gotta love a flower that comes with a guarantee! 


Garden beauty in summer ’11 and Spring ’12 from spectacular ICICLE  Pansies and Icicle Violas, which are bred for cold climates.  This tough breed will survive the harshest winters, which means, again,  you’ll be        set for next spring, guaranteed.  Make your plans now!

Think August in April

August Color for Your Garden

Nothing can ruin a garden experience faster than the August heat and a potential lack of water for your plantings and containers.  It’s easy to forget how often to water in the August heat.  Plan now for August, the toughest summer month on your garden.  It’s also a great time to take a closer look at your gardens and add color with shrubs that flower in August, such as panicle hydrangea types or rose of Sharon.  Perennials, which flower the most in August include Goldstrum rudbeckia, Chinese astilbe types, tube clematis and many hostas.

And remember, keep watering your gardens throughout the summer months!    If you think ahead now, the summer month you will spend the most time outdoors, August,  will be the best ever!