Southern Living Ranks Popular Plants By Their Water Needs

How Thirsty Are Your Plants?

Author and gardener Pamela Crawford is profiled by Steve Bender  in the April 2010 issue of Southern Living.  Pamela is an expert on growing beautiful flowers while saving water, money and time.  In the profile, Pamela provides Southern Living readers with a ranking of nine popular plants according to their water needs , Teetotalers (“these stalwarts never take a drink”), Moderate Drinkers (water 3x a week), and Problem Drinkers (water 6x a week). 

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Your Garden by Moonlight

Your Garden at Night

Southern Living has a terrific video feature on making the most of your garden by moonlight.   Editor Rebecca Reed shares her thoughts and ideas on the best plants and flowers to inspire you to make the most of the your gardens, garden paths and more during the evening hours.

“Think Light Rather Than Bright” as not all colors stand out at night. By moonlight, reds and pinks look grey, and purples and blues just disappear. Be strategic, and keep in mind that plants with variegated foilage, such as variegated hosta, are big standouts by moonlight.

I recently added LED lighting to my front, side and back garden spaces and these lighting additions have changed how we use our outside areas. As I’ve written in the past, you already own the space, so do all you can to make the most of it!