Larkspur Flowers are July Favorites

Larkspur Flowers are Colorful

If you didn’t sow Larkspur seed in October for flowering in late spring, no worries.  You can put it on your end of summer to do list. Larkspur (delphinium consolidate)is not the easiest to grow and maintain as it tends to be a bit fussy. But if you have success, Larkspur flowers will be a beautiful addition to your garden space.

For those born next month in July, this is a your birth flower. Each color has a different meaning: the color white symbolizes joy, purple symbolizes sweetness, and pink = fickleness.  Larkspur flowers are a great personal touch to your garden if you’re a July baby.  

I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you that all parts of Larkspur are poisonous.  So be careful where you decide to include Larkspur in your landscape.