Move OVER, Mum!

Icicle Pansies and Violas are GardenWise! 

You can plant these fantastic, eye-catching Icicle Pansies and cover yourself for the following Spring,  GUARANTEED.  You’ve gotta love a flower that comes with a guarantee! 


Garden beauty in summer ’11 and Spring ’12 from spectacular ICICLE  Pansies and Icicle Violas, which are bred for cold climates.  This tough breed will survive the harshest winters, which means, again,  you’ll be        set for next spring, guaranteed.  Make your plans now!

Memories of Metropolitan Home

Amy Goldman’s Favorite Heirloom’s

I was thumbing through the May 2009 issue of the late, great   Metropolitan Home and found the “Seed Saver” feature which shared Gardener  Amy Goldman, an aficionada of heriloom fruits & vegetables, and her favorite varities from her half acre plot in New York.  It’s a wonderful feature, and since it’s the season, I had to scan & share with a close up of the text, below.