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New Entries Create Outdoor Living

Ease of movement and flow are essential when connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Think of your outside space as a room, and what’s the first question that comes to mind?  “How will I get there?”  This can easily be achieved,  especially in an older home, with a few additions.   Replace a solid door with  a door with glass,  add some wooden stairs, and your journey begins.  Create functional  areas for entertaining, focal points with water, and smaller areas for  intimate  conversation.   

And be sure to make it personal!   This is one of those times where it is all about you.  Add meaningful touches to your space.  What were your favorite flowers growing up?  Which trees do you remember at your  grandparent’s home?  Which flowers were used on  your wedding day? 

Personal touches with visual touchstones to memories and past experiences will create a thoughtful and intimate space for you to enjoy for many years.

Look out for GardenWise‘s J. Mark White on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” today.    This episode, featuring Mark’s real life clients, Matt and Chris, was a lot of fun to shoot.  Mark had the chance to bring Matt to the GardenWise Studios to see the different types of flowers and plants that thrive in the Washington, D.C.-area, which is included in the episode. 

GardenWise created, designed, and installed all of the landscape, hardscape, stonework, garden accents, lighting, and custon ironwork featured in this episode of Curb Appeal.  GardenWise, Inc. also owns the rights to design work.  

Below is Mark’s plan that the GardenWise crews installed, and a before and after picture.  


DC’s GardenWise and J. Mark White on HGTV’s Curb Appeal May 30

Curb Appeal Tips From an HGTV’s Curb Appeal Home

Here’s a home we did for HGTV’s Curb Appeal which will air again on May 30.  The front was neglected and dilapidated, and just kind of sad, with not a single foot of garden spaces for the homeowner to enjoy.  I added hardscape and iron elements that included the lower front brick wall, a new front walkway from the curb, higher brick walls, additional lighting for safety & new front steps, which separates and protects the home from the street.  However, the most important part of this home’s new “curb appeal” can be completed by any homeowner as a weekend project.    

The multi-level planting and use of urns and topiaries which drive the eye to the front of the home is a significant feature of this home’s new appeal.  Focus is granted through the use of symmetry and you can draw attention to home entries by using taller shrubs and garden accents to flank the entry, which will inject variation where you want it most.  This was the least expensive part of the project, and the difference between before and after is significant.