Gardening in the Months of Spring

March Gardening Tips

As the warmer weather approaches and we find outselves leaving the house without a wool cap and gloves, here are some March gardening tips for Mid-Atlantic gardeners.  Even on this rainy day you can start making plans for your March garden work, incuding bulb planting.  Pictured are Narcissus bulbs I’m preparing to plant.

 * Once the soil warms and dries plant summer bulbs

 * Hardy annuals can go out even if we’re expect another frost 
 * Plant shrubs when the ground warms — it’s a good time to transplant trees and shrubs that are currently in your landscape
 * Apply fertilizer to woody plants even though they are still dormant
 * Prune roses before the buds break

 * Prune broken branches from trees and shrubs



GardenWise on Plans for Spring!

Spring 2011 is Coming

While we enjoy the cooler Fall weather, it’s time tulipto think about planting early Spring blooming bulbs to ensure your beautiful early Spring garden.

narcissusRed Impression Tulips, Scilla, and Narcissus are just a few of the bulbs we’re planting this Fall for our clients.  When you know a river of red tulips, a burst of cool Scilla blue, and striking yellow  Narcissus that will rival the sun’s brightness is waiting for you in very early Spring,  winter becomes much more tolerable!      


GardenWise on Spring Bulbs

Spring Blooming Bulbs

Blog4As the temps come down, it’s the perfect time to focus on Spring 2011.  If  you act now,  you’ll be rewarded with a blast of color early in the season that will make you the envy of your  entire neighborhood.  Snowdrops, crocus, narcissus, and tulips are just a few of the earliest flowers toBlog5 emerge in the spring. They welcome the warm weather after  many cold months of winter with bright color and cheer. However, if you wait ,  you’ll miss out!  So make some notes, and make some plans, because these bulbs need to be planted soon for early spring color.