Pick ‘Em Up!

Pick ’em Up!  

It’s really important to remove the leaves from your lawn — if they’re left on the ground they’ll  deprive your lawn of important sunlight and rain that’s going to help it through the winter months. A reader mentioned mowing them, which is a great idea.  Just be sure to get them up!  Also, if leaves are left on the ground, they could lead to mold problems when water gets trapped which can lead to pest problems.  This happened when my neighbor neglected to take care of their basics last year.  It’s not cool, so be a good neighbor and pick ’em up!      

Don’t be a procrastinator!  It’s important to get the leaves off the ground  in a timely manner and to mow your lawn until the first frost. This will keep the grass strong and healthy. Be sure to remove leaves from your deck — leaves that accumulate on decks can lead to algae, mildew and mold, plus cause the wood to rot.

And remember, leaves do not just fall on your lawn and deck  — they fall in your gutters! Clean your gutters every month. Clean gutters will save you from experiencing  serious problems with water around your house whether it be landscaping erosion, water in your basement or damage to wood around your roof. But be careful on that ladder, and work in pairs to be sure you don’t have any ladder  accidents.