Coming Up Rambler Roses

 There are few more spectacular sights in the early summer garden than a magnificent rambler rose in full flower. Typically the rambler’s flowers are small to medium-sized, they hang in large clusters or panicle, creating a very dramatic affect. Their scent or fragrance is typically musky wafting wonderfully through the air.  Ramblers are variable group of roses and very versatile too. Some are quite vigorous and will scramble up a neighboring tree if you let them or consider training up a pillar onto a pergola or the top of  garden wall or fence.  GardenWise has these roses in inventory and can easily incorporate them into your overall garden design.

 One such rose is the Rosa banksiana ‘Lutea’, with beautiful vibrant yellow flower clusters.  Charleston, SC, has adopted the Lady Banks rose as it’s own. Perfect to train on a pergola. pillar or on a wall.      




Most ramblers flower once but here are a few favorites that bloom repeatedly. The Rosa ‘Francis E. Lester’ which has single blush pink  flowers and is particularly tough, reliable & free flowering.  A vigorous but not overpowering large shrub or climber. Huge heads of well spaced single, white and pink flowers w/a strong perfume. Ideal as a small tree climber.  Small hips in autumn.


One of my personal favorites is the Rosa ‘Malvern Hills’, it is true repeat bloomer and in my garden bloomed from early June until the first frost The flowers are clusters of full buttery yellow and very pleasant musky scent. Seems to very vigorous and pest free.       



 Another great ramblers is Rosa ‘ Open Arms’ a pale pink simple flower with bright yellow center.  Superb vigorous grower with dark glossy semi-evergreen foilage offsetting an abundance of double blush colored flowers. This is a colorful favorite of the old cottage garden and a vigorous healthy plant.    



 Some of the ramblers have a strong fruity scent, such as the yolk-yellow Rosa ‘Goldfinch’.  ‘Goldfinch’  is a hardy, arching rambling rose producing masses of rosette-shaped double, fragrant, deep yellow fading to creamy white  flowers and abundant light green leaves.