Pruning Hydrangeas

Here are some easy guidelines for pruning some of the most popular hydrangeas, which  will make you so glad you turned on your computer today! If there is one thing about shrubs that confuses some gardenenrs it’s knowing when and how to prune them. One wrong move can make you lost your interest.  When to prune hydrangeas basically depends on whether it blooms on growth made last year or new growth made during the current year. Hydrangeas generally begin blooming in early summer and lose steam by midsummer, though occasional blooms may appear in late summer. To reduce the risk of removing newer buds, just prune as the flowers begin to fade. Often, the earlier you get it done after bloom, the quicker the shrub can recover, producing more and larger blooms for next season.’s Marie Iannotti has some excellent tips, which you can find here.