Water, Water (Not) Everywhere

Water Conservation Tips for Every Garden

As we start the fall season, water conservation is something many of us have to consider as we maintain our garden spaces.  Here are some ideas that can greatly reduce your water usage and help you get the biggest bang for your water buck.

Less Lawn.  I’ve been giving this advice for years now, reduce your lawn by half!  The average American uses over 200 gallons per day when watering their lawn areas. Consider replacing some of that grass with an attractive groundcover which is drought resistant, covers a large area, and requires no mowing. Do you have grass between stone pavers?  Consider replacing that grass with an attractive and drought resistant groundcover as well. Sweet William has the added bonus of being a fragrant ground, providing an added bonus to any garden space.  

Super Soak. Up to a third of all water from irrigation systems can evaporate during the heat of the day. Instead, give your plants fewer, heavy soakings.  If your   watering routine includes using the sprinklers, as mine does, consider using them only in the morning. 

Recycling Water.  Recapturing Grey/Rain Water Provides a Free Source of Garden water.  These systems can be easily installed and  incorporated into irrigation systems.

Drip irrigation.  Soaker hoses are easy to install systems that water plants right at the root and serve as an efficient alternate to sprinkler systems. It’s an afternoon project you can do yourself; be sure to get a timer for maximum effectiveness.