GardenWise Solutions to Potentially Costly Problems

Take Action!

Last year I took on a project to repitch and reset a flagstone patio with a Belgian block border that had been installed eight years ago. Below are some “during” and “after” pictures.

The patio was built for a new construction home. After the house settled a bit, the rear patio did as well and run off water wasn’t draining away from the patio. The project was not costly yet very important to do to correct and extend the life of the patio for another decade. By solving the problem early, I saved the homewners a lot of grief and future headaches.

I don’t have to go very far to check on this project because it’s my own backyard! Yes, when my landscape architect (me!) talks, I listen. I made the corrections to our patio just in time to enjoy our garden for spring and summer. And once again our run off water is flowing freely to the surrounding landscape and drains.

If you see lingering puddles of water in your landscape, there may be a larger problem looming on the horizon. If you act in a reasonable amount of time, an inexpensive solution can extend the life of your beloved landscape and prevent larger and more expensive problems down the road.

Shelters From the Sun are Garden Wise

Escape the Sun After the 4th!

We’ve had several weeks in the DC-area where many of our days have exceeded 90 degree temps; this week we’re topping 100. This coming weekend it will continue to be warm and I’m sure I won’t be the only one seeking shelter from the sun.  Below is a pic of one of the sun shelters from my garden, with the  GardenWise studio in the background.  Our fun brightly colored striped umbrella shields us from the bright sun by day and  protects us from sudden rain storms by night.

How do you escape the sun –what type of shelter do you have in your garden space? An umbrella, a covered pergola, strategically placed trees?   Below is a post from Southern Living about Sun Shelters, a great link to share as we look ahead to another very sunny and warm summer weekend.  

Southern Living –