The Solution is…Containers!

An Instant Garden Solution

You’ve planned your landscape, spent months choosing your plantings, and something doesn’t take.  What to do?  
A bare area in a garden space can be fixed by dropping in a pot of blooms, fruits or vegetables.  Pots allow for a more fluid and adaptable gardenspace, making it easy to change to seasonal needs and aesthetic choices. You can place potted plants in places where the soil is unsuitable for a particular variety,  and if you have a small  terrace or balcony, you can add scale with potted climbers such clematis.   The options are endless.
To keep your potted plants healthy, even if they don’t need replanting, remember to replensih the soil each year.   Remove 2-4 inches of soil and avoid harming fragile feeder roots.  Refill with fresh soil mixed with slow release fertilizer.  

DC’s GardenWise on Freshly Cut Garden Flowers

Extend the Life of Your Cut Flowers!

Summer is a wonderful season to show off the beautiful flowers you’ve grown in your garden.  Big bouquets or creative vases filled with freshly cut flowers will brighten any room.  After all your hard work planning your summer garden and growing your flowers, their beauty should last as long as possible!   

A good first couple of steps is to give your flowers sugar for nourishment, and an acidic ingredient, such as lemon-lime soda or aspirin, to allow your cut flowers to absorb water more easily.  Another tip?  Add a drop of bleach to the water to prevent bacteria from forming, which will also extend the life of your cut flowers.