Leaf Removal Prevents Home and Garden Damage

Here a Leaf, There a Leaf 

Don’t be a procrastinator!  As we journey further into Fall, it’s important to get the leaves off the ground quickly and to mow your lawn until the first frost.  This will keep the grass strong and healthy.  If leaves aren’t removed and remain on your lawn as they fell, they’ll  deprive your lawn of important sunlight and rain that will help it stay healthy through the winter months. Also, if leaves are left on the ground, it will lead to mold and pest problems (mice, rats, etc.) because the water will get trapped in the lawn.

And be sure to remove leaves from your deck — leaves that accumulate on decks can lead to algae, mildew and mold, which will cause the wood to rot.  

And keep in mind, leaves do not just fall on your lawn and deck  — they fall in your gutters! Clean your gutters every month. Clean gutters will save you from experiencing  serious problems with water around your house whether it be landscaping erosion, water in your basement or damage to wood around your roof. But be careful on that ladder, and work in pairs to be sure you don’t have any ladder accidents.   

Gardenwise on Storing Clay Pots

Storing Clay Pots for Winter 

Now is a good time to add storing clay pots to your list of garden chores to do before the cold weather sets in.  It’s important to empty, clean and sterilize your clay pots for winter storage to give them a longer life.  Clay pots must be stored in a dry environment to prevent cracking —  old soil can be used for compost, but don’t save it for next year’s pots.  Be sure to scrub your pots with a bleach solution to remove salts, algae and any lingering plant germs before storing.  A cold location is fine as long as the pots stay dry.  If you take care of your clay pots now, you’ll enjoy them for many years to come.