Add Natives That Require Less Water

On this 95 degree day, you may want to think about replacing your plants with more eco-friendly choices that will require less water each week.

Some plants require water almost everyday.  You don’t need to replace all of these plants, especially if they are your favorites.  But you can substitute many of these problem drinkers with attractive drought-tolerant alternatives, that will require less watering year round, which is a great green step.  Here are some examples of plants that require more water to stay away from, and some  better choices. 

You can also consider replacing some exotic plants with groups of native plants that will tolerate and thrive in your area’s year round weather conditions.  Native plants are hardy, drought resistant, low maintenance, and will save you time and money by reducing the need for pesticides, fertilizer, and water.  However, not all introduced species are bad garden choices, and some will adapt very well to your area, so you’ll need to do some research.  A big bonus to planting a variety of native plants?  They’ll provide a habitat for a variety of your favorite native wildlife, including birds and butterflies.