Go Down in a Sea of Sea Holly

A flower we need to share with everyone today is great for any sunny garden and areas with well-drained soil — ‘Big Blue’ Sea Holly. It’s drought and deer resistant, and grow as tall as three feet. Rabbits have appeared in much larger numbers this year in many of the Northern Virginia neighborhoods closer to DC, such as Cherrydale, and the Sea Holly is also rabbit resistant, so plant away everyone in NOVA! The silvery-blue flowers, which bloom in mid-summer, will take your breath away when they’re in full bloom. I pair my Sea Holly with Yarrow and Balloon Flower, pictured to the right, and they’re a trio of old friends I can’t wait to see in my home garden each year. Here’s a pic I took last year at home. When they’re in bloom with such wonderful colors and textures, I smile every time I see them, knowing that summer has arrived and will be staying around for a while.