Garden Layers Add Depth and Distance

Garden Layers are GardenWise!

Add beauty and curb appeal to your front yard with a sidewalk garden. The most  productive  gardens in smaller spaces use  layering, combining layers of plants  that  grow  at  different heights. This bottom  garden is  a great example;  each plant and flower plays its part, and the sum of the whole creates  an  optical illusion  that  gives  your entire property  so much  more depth while adding a significant amount of space between your home and the street.  

The white alyssum and purple-leafed lobelia in the front set the stage  for taller  tulips and butterfly flowers, which are in turn backed by society garlic and a wall topped by glowing pink bougainvillea.

And even if you don’t live in a warm-climate area, you can still take advantage of tropicals such as bougainvillea. Just treat them as annuals, or grow them in containers and bring them indoors for the winter.

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