Look Ahead to Fall Day 3

Dwarf Burning Bush is GardenWise

This week, GardenWise is looking forward with our five favorite  Garden Delights, in no particular order, for Fall 2012.  Yesterday we marveled at the Toad Lily, and Monday we fell in love all over again with Pink Muhly Grass.  Today is day  three of our series, and we’re showing off the Dwarf Burning Bush

Don’t call the fire department because that’s not a fireball in your garden!  The Dwarf Burning Bush  (Euonymus alata “Compactus”) is a low-care, beautiful shrub.  With its upright, bushy and vase-shaped habit, it’s a Fall garden’s best friend with its brilliant and intense fiery scarlet Red foilage.  Your guests will do a “double take” when they see your Burning Bush as it really is that visually appealing.  It is such an incredible garden wonder, it can serve as your Fall focal point. 

The Burning Bush ranges from 6-10 feet high, and 6-10 feet wide, and it’s insect, disease, drought, heat, AND deer resistant, and tolerant of shade (but for the most intense fall color, plant it in full sun. )  It’s also versatile enough to use as a hedge screen en masse.  

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