Bring ‘Em In For Winter

When you bring your plants inside this year, which you should do with all containers and pots, remember that you can actually save money on fuel costs by turning down the heat in a room set aside for winterizing plants. 

Plants will flourish in bright rooms with nighttime temps as low as 60 degrees.  Reduce watering  — do not fertilize — and group pots together to raise levels of humidity.  Keep your plants away from heat registers; overheated rooms will stress plants, lower the level of humidity, and increase pest problems.

Your plants will stay safe and healthy, and you’ll save a few dollars along the way!  But even if you don’t create a plant room, bring your plants inside during the winter season because they will die if you don’t bring ’em in.  Plants are like old friends, and there’s nothing better than having some old favorites back in the garden for spring.     

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