DIYLife’s Gift for Earth Day

Free Seed Packets from DIYLife are GardenWise!

We saw this offer on and couldn’t resist sharing the info!  FREE  wildflower seeds for the first 1,000 people who list an item on Diggerslist.   We could recap DIYLife’s story, but we just wouldn’t do them justice, so here in their own words on the GardenWise blog . . .  

“Need that extra push to get rid of those old kitchen cabinets, windows or a loveseat? Here’s the perfect incentive: If you’re one of the first 1,000 people to post an item for sale on DiggersList before the end of the month, the site will thank you with a package of seeds sent right to your door.

We love everything about this plan because good stuff just keeps coming:  Once you post the items, people can sign up to buy them and place them in good homes — places that will actually use that bamboo flooring sitting in your garage.  That leaves you with money in your pocket (your online bank account) and those seeds for you plant anywhere in your house or garden.

Feeling extra eco-ambitious? We dare you to invest the money you make from the sale to buy earth-friendly products like green outdoor furniture, lighting and paint.”

Thanks, DIYLife!  And as Whoopi Goldberg used to say in those old MCI commercials, “…ain’t no better savings than free, honey!”

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