Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Heat Up Your Outdoor Space!

Transforming an outside space into a cozy and intimate area to gather with family and friends is easier than you may think.  I call these intimate garden areas “cocoon spaces,” which became a trend in 2007 as the uncertain  economy  prompted  home- owners to spend more time at home.   Cocoon spaces are safe and secure intimite garden areas, and in addition to giving home- owners an affordable and inspiring new garden space to escape to with friends, they can increase a home’s value by as much as 15%.  

The cocoon space trend continues into 2011, but this year we’re turning up the heat!  Because of recent  technologies and other new options, smaller outdoor kitchens and fireplaces have become easier and much more affordable to install.  A small and thoughtfully designed outdoor kitchen area gives your home a new heart and gathering spot, while an outdoor fireplace adds a multi-seasonal  cozy spot for intimate conversations with family & friends. 

An added bonus?  By using a mix of recycled stone, and hardscape materials purchased from local artists and quarries, you can take a new “green” step in your garden space while supporting local businesses.  Take it outside this year, and enjoy your garden spaces!

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