DC’s GardenWise, Inc. on HGTV’s CURB APPEAL


Look out for GardenWise‘s J. Mark White on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” tomorrow!   This latest episode was great fun to shoot as Mark’s real life clients, Matt and Chris, are always a pleasure to work with.   Mark also had the chance to bring Matt to the GardenWise Studios to see the different types of flowers and plants that thrive in the Washington, D.C.-area, which is included in the episode. 

Mark created, designed, and installed all of the landscape, hardscape, stonework, garden accents, lighting, and custon ironwork featured in this episode of Curb Appeal.  GardenWise, Inc. also owns the rights to design work.  

Here’s an inside scoop — at the 11th hour, Mark had to reach out to Arlington, VA-based architect  Dwight McNeill, AIA, for assistance when the show’s designer just couldn’t come up with an acceptable  design.  Dwight quickly met with Chris and Matt and got to work.  He went over choices for the exterior  color palette, and  delivered  the  exact  combinations Matt and Chris  hoped to find, which are used in the episode.   Dwight didn’t receive credit on the show for his work, so we’re giving him a well  deserved  shout out for saving the day. 

For more of Dwight’s work, check out Better Homes & Gardens.     Another shout out to Furnari Iron Works, who did an amazing job in  bringing life to Mark’s iron work design. 

Below is the plan Mark designed and installed & some before/after pictures.  



6 thoughts on “DC’s GardenWise, Inc. on HGTV’s CURB APPEAL

  1. Hello Everybody,

    I would like to thank you for such wonderful landscape tips, especially those on how to save money while retaining the quality of a landscape. Very helpful!! Can’t wait to see you on TV

  2. Hello GardenWise
    A stellar job on HGTV. The reveal of the after from before was stunning.
    Best Regards,
    Dianne in Spokane

  3. Hello Garden Wise

    You have a very interesting and helpfull site. I very much like your tips and gardening information. I TIVO’d your HGTV show, you were wonderful.

    Best Regards. Dan

  4. A wonderufl episode, which I enjoyed watching very much
    It’s obvious the designer didn’t know much, so good job and beautiful work on the row house.

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